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Pensavo che i valori della collaborazione tra colleghi, del rispetto e del benessere aziendale fossero presenti solo in colossi quali Google, Kyocera o Apple. Invece sono molto più diffusi di quanto si possa immaginare, anche in realtà medio-piccole. 


15FIVE è un’azienda statunitense, con sede a San Francisco (crea software per rendere fluida ed efficace la comunicazione dei team), che ha Vision e Mission che sembrano composte da un artista, perché in poche cartelle contengono tutti gli elementi che fanno di un ambiente lavorativo il migliore del mondo.

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Core Values

Find The Leverage

We believe that constraints are the mother of creativity. We focus on being resourceful and creative over acquiring resources. We focus on the few, sacrificing the good for the great. We believe that hard work is no longer a competitive advantage, so given finite time and energy we continually seek to create greater and greater outcomes by finding the leverage in everything we do. One way we Find the Leverage is through our other Core Values of Cultivate Health & Vitality, Keep Things Simple, Always Be Learning and Growing, Maximize Our Zone of Genius, and Dare to Dream.

Cultivate Health & Vitality

Everything we experience in our lives is sourced from and through our bodies including our thoughts, emotions, spirit, and strength to move through the world. We recognize health & vitality as a cornerstone to living a happy, productive, centered and deeply satisfied life. Furthermore, our ability to individually and collectively produce exceptional results is a direct function of our energy and focus, neither of which can be optimal without a solid foundation of health and vitality. We recognize that health and vitality is something that must be cultivated over time and we strive to make that cultivation a way of life.

Grant Trust & Be Transparent

We believe that relationships are strongest and teams thrive in a culture of transparency, vulnerability and authenticity. Furthermore, we believe trust is to be granted, not earned, and that a strong foundation of trust is a requirement for true transparency, vulnerability and authenticity to be possible. We commit first to grant each other trust, and then commit second to be transparent with one another. We trust that each of us holds the highest intentions, are committed to our WHY and Values and are making our best effort. This creates the space for each of us to be fully transparent with one another when things may not be going to plan or where we need help or support, so we can address and resolve issues as a team and move on quickly, without assigning fault or blame.

Commit to Customer Success & Delight

We are in the business of our customers’ success; helping our customers achieve their highest potential is the WHY that drives us. However, we strive to go one step further. We know that if we can truly delight our customers with a remarkable product and exceptional service, we’ll have delivered value beyond expectations, our customers will be inclined to share 15Five with their colleagues and friends, and we’ll be able to further our mission. We see this as a never-ending and ongoing process and rely on this commitment to drive our actions.

Keep Things Simple

We believe that there is often a simpler way to doing almost anything. By simplifying our lives, processes, product and the way we do business, we free up time and energy to focus on what really matters, increasing our capacity for making forward progress and producing great outcomes.

Always Be Learning and Growing

The only way any individual can reach their highest potential is through learning and growth, which simultaneously can be a source of both happiness and fulfillment. The same is true of organizations. We believe that learning and growth is a lifetime mindset and way of life, rather than something you do in your adolescence and stop when you enter the workforce. We look to continually learn, grow and expand our capacity as individuals and as an organization, so we can earn the right to live our WHY, thrive, and make a significant and meaningful impact in the world.

Hold and Be Held Accountable

Nothing works without personal integrity and responsibility and a culture of accountability. We not only commit to hold each other accountable to our word, commitments, objectives, and duties, but we also commit to being held accountable by our peers when we fail to deliver on what we have committed to.

Maximize Our Zone of Genius

We believe that everyone has a Zone of Genius, a unique quality that they’re able to bring to their work and their lives that lets them do certain things better than almost anyone else. We’re committed to continuing to distinguish and identify these traits in one another, and make sure that we’re aligning our roles and activities with these so that we create the highest-performing team we can, find the leverage, and be successful and fulfilled in the process.

Embrace Freedom & Flexibility

We believe that rigid rules are unnecessary with a team of highly engaged, passionate and committed people. We value results over having people in specific seats at specific times of the day. We recognize that self-directed people can perform at a higher level and simultaneously take better care of their lives when they’re able to design for themselves how, when and where they work. When appropriate, we choose to come together to work. However, you’ll often find our team working from all over the world.

Dare To Dream

We’re great at and stay focused on our short term objectives, but also know that all of history’s greatest achievements began with a simple dream and were just “made up.” We challenge each other to dream big, and remember that we have the power to create a bigger and more inspiring future for ourselves and others if we just dare to dream.

Core Beliefs

We believe that in today’s global, knowledge-based economy, a company’s true power lies in its people and culture.

We believe that to be exceptional, companies have to inspire and elicit the best from their employees intellectually, creatively, and passionately.

We believe that happy employees are more engaged, creative, and productive.

We believe that everyone’s voice matters.

We believe that people are at their best, most happy and have the greatest opportunity to reach their potential when they are in an environment that supports and values working with their unique strengths, as part of a higher cause or purpose, and where they feel they have a voice.

We believe that employees who are closest to the action are the eyes and ears of the organization; that the command-and-control structure that was effective during the industrial revolution is no longer competitive; and that companies now need to listen to their employees as much as they direct.

We believe that to be competitive in today’s environment, a company needs an efficient communication channel that acts much like a nervous system, sending and filtering key information from the front lines to managers, executives and the CEO, and being then able to respond quickly.

We believe in the 80/20 rule (80% of the outcomes result from 20% of the drivers); that more communication is not necessarily better, and that what’s actually important to communicate doesn’t take much time at all.

Design Values

Elegant Simplicity

We strive to deliver more with much less and fewer features. Our litmus test is that when people use 15Five, it is obvious what to do at any time, and no training or instruction is necessary. We aim to create an experience of ease and delight while using 15Five.

Attention To Detail

We believe that every pixel counts and that good design should be simultaneously functional and beautiful.

Beautiful Aesthetic

We believe that beautiful design makes a positive difference in our customers’ experience, so we strive to create beautiful interfaces that are pleasing to the eye.


We build software for human beings and that means People, not Users. We believe great software should fade into the background, effortlessly supporting people in accomplishing what’s important to them and seamlessly integrated into the way they live their lives.

Guiding Principles

Principles are beliefs about how the world works and how to best operate in it to achieve results. They serve to link our values to our actions. Here are some of the principles we rely on to guide us:

Great Outcomes Require Focusing on the Few and Following the 80/20

We believe that in any given endeavor or goal, there are a finite number of high-leverage activities, and that the vast majority of our daily activities are not. We adhere to the 80/20 rule, choosing to believe that 80% of our results come from just 20% of our actions. We consciously choose to focus on a small number of Big Rocks that produce the greatest results, and practice avoiding the rest daily. We choose to sacrifice the good for the great by scheduling time for our Big Rocks first and letting everything else fill in the gaps. We focus on simplicity as a way of eliminating distractions and low-leverage work.

Constraints Drive Creativity

We believe that fixed constraints of time, energy and money, combined with a commitment to product specific meaningful outcomes can be a source of tremendous creativity. The more creative we are, the less hard we have to work, and the more time, energy and money we have to allocate to other important outcomes. This ultimately gives us significant leverage on our resources, helping us produce a very high ROI.

Life Is Oscillatory and Rhythmic

We recognize that most everything in our universe, including we human beings, is oscillating and rhythmic; from light and sound waves, to our heart beat and the seasons, everything in nature follows this basic principle. By aligning our activities with our natural rhythms we can be much more productive, energized and healthy. This includes respecting and working with the ebb and flow between planning and execution, reflecting and pushing, and alternating periods of focus and rest. We do this in quarterly, monthly, weekly and even daily cycles, individually and as an organization.

To Reach Your Potential, You Must Start With Why

We believe that for any individual or organization to truly reach it’s potential, they must know, start with, and live their WHY. Far more than an objective to be reached, this core purpose or reason for being defines more the journey than the destination, and is never-ending. Once discovered and embraced, the WHY lives at the core of everything you and your organization will do. At it’s best, it serves as an inspiration for every individual who shares that WHY, shapes all of your goals, strategies, tactics and everyday actions, and is in service to something or someone beyond yourself (e.g. other people, organizations or the environment).

Everyone Has a Zone of Genius

We believe that everyone has a Zone of Genius, a unique quality that they’re able to bring to their work and their lives that lets them do certain things better than almost anyone else. Often times this is at the intersection of your innate talents and passions and is often difficult to distinguish in yourself as unique or special because it comes so naturally. You know you’re in your Zone of Genius when the work leaves you energized, you can and want to improve forever, and you experience a sense of timelessness and flow. Operating in your Zone of Genius in service of your WHY is a surefire way to produce the best results and attain the highest degree of sustained satisfaction in your life.

Teams Thrive in a Culture of Transparency, Vulnerability and Authenticity

We believe that teams can perform at a higher level if they embrace transparency, vulnerability and authenticity. For this to be possible, there has to be a high degree of trust and a commitment to focus on solutions and teamwork rather than a commitment to assigning fault and blame.

Integrated Philanthropy

We believe that business can serve as a vehicle for improving the world, doing well while doing good. At 15Five, we are on a mission to create a world where we all work in organizations that are fully actualized, that create extraordinary value for their employees and customers, and where we all get to work alongside a vibrant group of colleagues who are committed to creating and living a great life. While that primarily drives us in improving the lives of our customers and their businesses, we wanted to take things a step further.

Inspired by the Salesforce 1/1/1 model, we allocated 1% of our founding stock to be held in escrow for a future foundation. We pledge 1% of our employees time to volunteering for causes we support, and 1% of 15Five licenses to be donated to non-profits we love and support.

In honor of Yvon Chouinard who first popularized the communication practice behind 15Five, we have pledged to donate 1% of our product sales to causes that support the environment as part of 1% for the Planet Foundation, co-founded by Yvon. We have donated to charity:water, Coral Reef Alliance and Pachamama Alliance, and look forward to contributing much more to other organizations who are committed to improving this world for all of its inhabitants.